Den DemokratieLabo – more than just an exhibition

That is what it’s about…

Den DemokratieLabo is interactive.

And we mean it. Visitors interact with the objects of the exhibition as well as with each other. In this way, complex questions about democracy and society are vividly conveyed – they become tangible in the truest sense of the word!

Many topics, many areas of tension.

The exhibition addresses questions about identity and prejudice, freedom, inequalities and justice in Luxembourg.

The focus is not on the institutionalised side of democracy, but on the interpersonal and social ones.

The questions asked are not “How do elections work?”, “How is a government constituted?” or “What is a constitution?” but rather: “What is my opinion?”, “What do we do when we disagree?” or “What role do the media play?” and “How does a democracy react in times of crisis?”

The visitors explore the areas of tension in a democratic society and realise: “This has something to do with me!”

Targeted audience

Age: from 12-99 years

Den DemokratieLabo is aimed at both young people and adults.

Group visits

Families, groups and school classes are welcome! Among three different routes, each group of visitors will find the one that suits them best.

An exhibition in three languages

German, English and French.
The trilingual text allows access to a wide audience.


Self-guided tour of the laboratory.

The exhibition is self-guiding. A notepad guides you through. A moderator is available for questions, but does not guide visitors through the lab.

Self-correcting tasks, but no absolute truth!

For a few questions, visitors will get the answers in the exhibition. But most of the questions are open and so are the results. Doubt and reflection will arise in the process! It is not about getting something right or wrong or giving pre-desired answers.


Although you can explore the DemokratieLabo on your own, it is a good idea to go through the exhibition in groups of two or three. The focus is on sharing and engaging with other opinions.

Den DemokratieLabo has an impact on its visitors.

At the end of the visit, you will receive a lab report that summarises the results. It should remind you of the visit and encourage you to continue reflecting on what you have experienced.

The material for the follow-up after visiting the lab can be found here.

The metaphor “laboratory”

Democracy – a field of experimentation

“The” democracy does not exist. Like in a laboratory, new approaches are always being tested and examined. Democracy is a process that is not finished yet and … sometimes it goes bang! 

Who is behind it all?

The Zentrum fir politesch Bildung (Centre for Citizenship Education)

The independent foundation Zentrum fir politesch Bildung (ZpB), founded in 2016, aims to promote civic engagement by contributing to a better understanding of politics and democracy as well as current societal challenges. We especially want to empower young people and encourage them to participate in political life and public discourse.

Stichting Vredeseducatie Peace Education Projects (NL)

Stichting Vredeseducatie works on interactive methods in the field of citizenship, democracy, diversity, conflict management and the relationship between history and memory. It designs and produces interactive touring and permanent exhibitions and is involved in innovative educational projects.
Exhibition design: Jan Durk Tuinier
Implementation: Hayo van Gemerden