Workshops and material
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Booking workshops

Not enough yet? You want to deepen a specific topic of the DemokratieLabo? Book a workshop. We currently offer the following workshops:

  • DemocraCity – online!

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  • DemocraCity – the classic among our workshops!

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  • Online simulation game “Virus protection at the expense of freedom

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  • Online simulation game “The usual suspects”

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  • Good grades for good citizens?

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  • I have nothing to hide … don’t I!?

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  • Lots and lots of data: Convenience at the expense of privacy?!

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  • My glasses – your glasses?! Are you such as I see you?!

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Material for school classes

“The lesson afterwards”

Follow up the visit to the democracy lab. Starting from the lab report that each visitor receives, experiences about democracy and society can be worked through and deepened.

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