I have nothing to hide … don’t I!?

The interaction of Big Data and artificial intelligence is opening up completely new possibilities, also in the area of security. Whether at the airport, at the checkout in the supermarket, in the centre of numerous large cities or in our own living room to unlock our smartphone: in more and more places, cameras and the computers connected to them recognise us by our faces. Security and the right of privacy are both fundamental rights in a democracy. Every (democratic) political system must guarantee the security of its citizens. On the other hand, democracy only works if citizens have privacy, can think freely and form their own opinions without external pressure. This is the prerequisite for them to be able to use basic democratic rights such as freedom of thought or belief, freedom of expression or freedom of assembly. In this workshop, young people critically examine the area of tension between security and privacy.

Age: 15 years and older

Duration: 50 minutes

Number of participants: 12 – 26