Online simulation game “Virus protection at the expense of freedom

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to grip the entire world. Many countries have adopted strict measures to slow down the spread of the virus and protect the population.

We are in the fictional country of Fontania, a small prosperous state in the middle of Europe. Strict rules were also introduced in Fontania at the beginning of the pandemic, but they were gradually relaxed again, as the number of cases fell. But now the daily number of new infections is rising again.

The parliament is now debating a law that deals with two issues: First, it has to be decided whether a mask obligation should be introduced in Fontania, and in which areas it should then apply. Secondly, the parliament must decide on a regulation on how a possible vaccine would be distributed. The law must regulate which population groups will be vaccinated first. It must also be decided whether everyone must then be vaccinated or whether it is only recommended.

The participants take on the roles of members of parliament and discuss a draft legislation – first in their parliamentary group, then in a committee. In parliament, too, the rule is to keep your distance – that is why the MPs use the parliament’s own chat and voting system for their debates.

Age: 16 years and older

Duration: 180 minutes

Number of participants: 12 – 30